Welcome to The Dance studio of Mgr.art.Viera Masaryková, which for many years has succesfully spread the beauty and temperament of slovak folklore, original spanish art of flamenco and oriental belly dance in Slovakia and all over the word.

In our Dance studio, there are perfoming two ensembles: folklore group STUDIENKA and artistic group ANDALUCIA.

  Regular ACTIVITIES of the Dance studio:

 • Daily training of dance groups Studienka and Andalucia
 • Dance lessons in 1. Private dance school of flamenco, which attend children, young people and adults from Slovakia and abroad
 • Lessons of flamenco and belly dance for Ladies every wednesday morning (10:00-11:30) and evening (19:00-20:30)
 • Artistic agency - lead, organize and offer art progmammes of STUDIENKA and ANDALUCIA dance esembles in Slovakia or in other coutries
 • Private slovak folk museum with art works made by Anna Klementová
 • Spanish lessons
 • Video presentation of flamenco, arabic dance and slovak folklore



♫ Slovak folklore

"Dance pictures from Slovakia" - rich programme from all parts of Slovakia performed by STUDIENKA - original costumes, interesant choreography, songs and traditions. Special program for Easter, carnival, Christmas...20, 60 or 90 minute spectacle. Photos in galery.

Flamenco art

"In the rhytm of flamenco" - temperament, elegant and charming dances from the south of Spain performed by ANDALUCIA - rich costumes, spanish fiesta, castanets playing, original music, rhytmics...20, 60 or 90 minute spectacle. Photos in galery.

Belly dance

"A night in Alhambra" - oriental performance of arabic dance, fluent moves of beautiful girls, impressive costumes, melodic music, flamenco- belly dance dances, stylization in choreography for more dancers...20- 30 minute spectacle. Photos in galery.

}} Slovak folklore exposition

An icredible exposition of historical slovak costumes and original hand-made lace, where is posiible to buy this art works of Anna Klementová.

& Private traditional museum

We offer a special programme for travel agencies and toutistic groups - to photograph in slovak costumes, presentation of history crafts and products, posibility to enjoy our private coffe bar.

You can contact us:

Tanečné štúdio Mgr.art.Viery Masarykovej

Slávičie údolie 45 (above the castle)

811 02, Bratislava


Tel: 00421- 908- 625281

00421 - 2 - 62802662

mail: tanecpreradost@gmail.com